latte (touchmy12inch) wrote,

muse list

Characters I play.

et cetera
Ace Attorney
Apollo Justice | hornyattorney
Matt Engarde | totally_dude
Kristoph Gavin | coolestinwest

Jacuzzi Splot | seesplotrun
Ladd Russo | gotpunch

The Bartimaeus Triology
Bartimaeus | o_ace_one

Aizen Sosuke | | rex_caelorum

Deadman Wonderland
Senji Kiyomasa [CROW] | muscleheadcrow

Devil May Cry
Agnus | lol_angels
Arkham | eeeviiil
Gilver | bandageboy
Lady | hail_lady

Disney's Hercules
Hades | hairgoesout

Doctor Who
The Master | pyrrhicdeath

Final Fantasy VII
Kadaj | meliorfilius

Full Metal Panic!
Kaname Chidori | fan_hand

Gundam 00
Saji Crossroad | doublebroraiser
Soma Peries/Marie Parfacy | duapnost

Metal Gear Solid
Liquid Snake | britishbox

Waka | giftfromgods

Persona 3
Takaya | addict_jesus

Persona 4
Chie Satonaka | personana
King Moron | no_lifejournals
Poke!dachi | pokedachi
Tohru Adachi | det_goofball
Tohru Adachi | shoveyouin

Resident Evil
Albert Wesker | visestvita
Albert Wesker| eternal_shades
Albert Wesker (C:V) | comeseemyhook
Albert Wesker (Movies) | ingestinurdna
Albert Wesker (Novels) | getsome_action
Young!Wesker | practic_al
Alfred Ashford | alexias_bitch
Ashley Graham | missileboobs
Chris Redfield | catches_shades
Regenerator | headgrowsback

The Sandman
Delirium | del_mania

Soul Eater
Excalibur | pantlesstroll
Marie Mjolnir | getsmorelost
Tags: muse list, roleplaying
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